Make your receipts smart
Game-changing solutions for retail shops and small restaurants
Receipt is a unique way to reach your customers
  • Do you want feedback and do you want that feedback to be directly relevant to customer purchase data?
  • Do you want your customers to reach out to you and do you want to know what, when and where they bought?
  • Do you want to advertise extra services based on what the customer just bought?
  • Do you want to integrate receipts into your loyalty program?
Coming soon:
Earn money by advertising third-party services on your receipts!
Why receipts?
  • Pamphlets, brochures, and paper advertisements often go directly into the trash
  • Online advertising requires enormous sums of money and isn’t effective for every industry
Messages on your receipts will get noticed by your customers
You can personalize what to print for each customer
Sometime a receipt is the only way to reach your customer (such as if the order was delivered by UberEats, GrubHub etc)
How it looks
Your Logo
Original content of the receipt
Phone-scannable QR-code
Additional message, advertisement, contacts

How It Works

We will install specialized software on your computer with a POS system, and help you setup the POS (No special equipment required)
You will have access to a Web portal to setup what you want to be printed and which data you want to be collected
Your printer will print the extra data
QR code
Customers will see a QR code and will be encouraged to scan it
Web page
After scanning the QR code, the customer will be directed to your web page and encouraged to do what you want (i.e. leave contacts, answer surveys, give feedback, etc.)
You can give incentives to the customers in the form of discounts, gifts or cashback deals
What you get out of it
Short answer – you will increase the value of your customers
Our tool will provide you:
  • Feedback from your customers with in-depth analytics
  • The ability to communicate with your customers
  • A special channel to increase the loyalty of the customers
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